Simple Share. Secure Sharing Made Simple

The appeal of cloud storage is easy to see. The effortless file sharing from anywhere in the world is efficient. You also get peace of mind that your files are stored in an off site server, but how secure is that server? The truth of the matter is, with your data off-site you have no in depth knowledge about that server. This means you can’t be sure the server is secure, maintained properly, or up to date. Not to mention, it puts a major target on your data because hackers look at cloud based systems as a hotbed for critical, confidential information that they can use to do damage. This can be a major financial loss depending on the type of data they gain access to.

Innovative Network Solutions Inc. has discovered a secure file storage solution that is almost as secure as a VPN, with the behavior of a cloud based system, but because it’s stored locally on your own server, it gives you more control over security. A locally run file share system that is user friendly, has familiar cloud functionality, completely installed and supported by our Technicians, along with staff training... now that’s just simple.

Cloud Behavior, Local Security

Local secure file storage should be simple to use, but you also need it to be accessible across multiple devices and locations like a cloud storage system. Cloud platforms such as Dropbox are great for flexibility and accessibility, but you have very little control over the security of the server where your files are being stored. Why not combine both worlds? Let’s combine the security of a file storage system stored locally on your own server, with the functionality of a cloud storage system.

It’s time to take control, but still maintain simple functionality.

Secure File Sharing and Uploading

You need the ability to not only store your files, but upload and share them securely. With secure access across multiple devices, uploading and sharing your work will be simple. Your file sharing will be securely password protected. Have a massive existing file structure? It can sync with your existing structure to simply move it from where it’s currently housed, over to your secure system.

Uploading and sharing files securely and simply.

Protection and Access Control

Protection against your files ending up in the wrong hands is crucial to any file storage system. 2-Factor authentication, and end-to-end encryption are just some of the protection features put in place. You’ll also receive access control so you can limit access users have to sensitive information. This also allows you to easily remove users when they no longer need access.

Built in protection features and simple access controls.